Radiant Floor Heating

Hi Tim

Our energy efficient heating and cooling is cost  saving and very comfortable

Our energy efficient heating and cooling is cost saving and very comfortable

Unlike other floor heating systems our friends have had installed, we are really impressed with the fact that your product does the whole room, including the corners and sides, not only a little patch in the middle. It is heaven to wake up and step onto our warm floors each morning and this form of heating has the added bonus of being space saving. I would highly recommend Low Energy Living for their great service.



Just a note to say that the under floor heating installation has been the easiest and most stress-free part of our new home construction!  Tim fitted in with the other trades and arrived just when he said he would and when he left everything was cleared up so well you wouldn’t have known he’d been. Thanks once again, I would highly recommend Low Energy Living anytime and have also had a whole house cooling fan installed which is a fantastic energy saving product.



Having experienced our first winter with in slab floor heating we wanted to say how pleased we are with the results. It is a real pleasure getting up in the morning to a warm house and floors and not having to wear shoes and socks in the middle of winter is luxury.  Also our power bills are well within our budget and the cold mornings are far more bearable.  Thanks once again for an excellent product and service.

Avoca Beach 

Whole House Natural Cooling Fan 

Hi Tim,

I first read about the Whole House Fan in 1987. I kept the newspaper clipping and when I moved house I followed up and installed a unit 5 years later. My wife and I were delighted with the results, and since then have installed the fan in our two subsequent homes. Our experience has been that the fan easily meets and sometimes seems to exceed the temperature reduction rating, especially if you can draw air from areas around the house shaded by trees and plants. We far prefer the solution to air conditioning for comfort and air quality, as well as being far cheaper both to install and run. For cost effectiveness and functionality, the whole house fan is a far superior way of reducing carbon emissions than more widely known and promoted energy saving devices, and I believe should become the preferred way of controlling summer temperature in Australian buildings.

Hunters Hill

Enjoy the soft cooling breezes of the Whole House Fan

Enjoy the soft cooling breezes of the Whole House Fan


Tim Our fan was installed 29 years ago and remains one of the best pieces of equipment we have ever invested in. When the original motor recently ceased to operate on more than one speed it was marvellous to find that the product is still on the market. We would have no hesitation in recommending the installation of a whole house fan, to anyone. There are very few days when we ever find it necessary to run the A/C and when we do, it is only during the hottest of days during heat wave conditions. At all other times, the Whole House Fan does the job of cooling the place down admirably.

Peter North


Dear Gill and Tim,

I have now had my whole of house cooling fan for about 8 years and  while the inside temperature is only around 4 to 6 degrees cooler than the outside on the hottest days I have never been sorry for making that choice over other methods of cooling. I have never liked the idea of sealing the house up to cool it, and with this fan I don’t. I liken the effect to sitting on a verandah with a pleasant breeze blowing. The strength and direction of the breeze is governed by the number and placement of windows and doors that are open and the speed of the fan. The heat and/or stuffiness of a closed house is soon removed once the fan is on and a couple of episodes where burnt toast etc have threatened to pollute the furnishings and so on with smoky smells have been swiftly dealt with by the whole of house fan!  Of course the cost of running the fan is very small compared to air conditioning as well! While it is possible that the sound of the fan could be intrusive, mine was installed in the bathroom where the sound is not an issue. I definitely recommend this fan.

Yours sincerely,
Stephanie Hornsby

Nobo Radiant Panel Heaters

Hi Tim

After some great advice I purchased some Nobo heaters from Low Energy Living last winter they have been fantastic, heating each room very evenly and I have noticed a significant saving on my electricity bill. Having the thermostat and timer on the heaters means I don’t have to worry about switching the heaters off and the 10 year warranty is an extra bonus. This year I plan to buy some more thank you Low Energy Living for the great service.



Thank you Tim for all your help and advice combining the Nobo heaters with the Whole House Fan has given me energy efficient winter heating and summer cooling I just love it! More people need to know about these products! I choose these products for my home as my daughter is an asthmatic and since having them installed her asthma has improved greatly.



Hi Gill and Tim Just a note to say that I have found the Nobo heaters I purchased from you to be very economical I think having Tim to give me such expert advice and make sure I had the right size heater for the rooms I wanted to heat made all the difference.  I have compared my power bill this winter to last winters and we are definitely saving power using our new Nobo heaters compared to the fan heaters we were previously using.


Radiant In Ceiling Heating 

I am an asthma sufferer and wanted to find a healthier alternative to air conditioning which was tending to trigger my asthma because of the particles it was circulating in the air. I did some research and read about ceiling heating and found Tim and Gill from Low Energy Living. Tim explained everything so well and answered all my questions and Gill was always also so helpful also. The install went really smoothly and I am thrilled to say that there has been a marked improvement in my asthma and saving money on my power bills now that I am no longer using my expensive air conditioner. Thanks for everything I now propose to install your whole house fan and some of your polyester insulation.



Hi Gill and Tim I just wanted to write a quick note to say how thrilled we are with our ceiling heating. It produces such an even, cosy heat. I don’t have to remember to switch it on and off as it is programmed to come on each morning and afternoon. Tim, you explained everything so well and your team at Low Energy Living was great. The installers were neat and tidy and took pride in their work. I would certainly recommend ceiling heating and your Company to anyone.



I was a little unsure about going ahead with ceiling heating as I had never heard of it before, but after my meeting with Tim who recommended it for our home I decided to go ahead. It has proved to have been one of the best products I have had installed during our renovation!!  The rooms where it is installed heat up perfectly and there are no cold spots. Having the fully programmed thermostats makes life so easy and my power bills are very manageable. I would highly recommend this from of heating to anyone.

Pearl Beach

Polyester Insulation

Dear Tim and Gill

I recently had Tontine Insulation installed in my home by your Company and I am writing to say what wonderful service I received from start to finish. You deserve to be very proud of your team at Low Energy Living as everyone was helpful, polite and courteous delivering the kind of service not often seen nowadays. Thank you once again for a job well done and at look forward to saving money on my energy costs now.

Palm Beach


Being an elderly widow I am always wary about having any sort of work carried out at my home but after meeting Tim who was so genuine ad helpful I decided to go ahead. I am thrilled to say that the installers from Low Energy Living were friendly, obliging and took great care I was really impressed. They obviously take pride in their work and when they left you wouldn’t have known they had been. I enjoyed getting that good old fashioned service.Thanks Gill and Tim I would highly recommend your Company to anyone.

St Ives


Hi Tim

I just wanted to say thanks for all help and advice on the insulation you supplied for my home. Being made of polyester it meant I was able to install it myself safely without any protective gear which saved me money. I found the product to be very easy to handle and cut to size and it will pay for itself as well as it saves money on my power bills. Thanks again for the great service.

Regents Park

Radiant Ceiling Panels

The heaters are great! People always comment about them. They’re non-invasive so they fit in with the décor quite nicely. On cold days, the restaurant heats up very quickly. The costs are also very good…both the initial outlay and the ongoing running costs- they’re effective AND efficient.

Bruce and Carolyn Hobart


Heaters need to heat people…and these do! We’re really happy with them, and in fact we will be getting more next year! We think these heaters are cheaper to run than the old fan heaters we used to have, but we really need two winters to make a true comparison. But yes, we believe they are cheaper. On a really blustery cold day, we can actually tell that the rooms with the new radiant panels are considerably more comfortable than the classrooms that still have fan heaters. And of cause they are silent!

Lansdowne Crescent Primary School


We installed a number of radiant heating panels throughout the complex, which also included the reception area. The location of the heaters is excellent, in that they target direct heat to each individual display, but we also found that the general comfort levels of the building have increased overall. Our type of business necessitates that the front doors remain open, and we know we would not be able to achieve the same result with any other form of heating.

David Hobart

Solar Hot Water

Hi Tim

I just wish to thank you for the great job you did installing our solar hot water system and I must say that it is the best thing I think I have ever purchased. My choice of system was based on tank durability and system technology and it pays to do the  research into just what you get for your $ and in this case there was a clear distinction as Edwards came out well ahead. Service levels from all involved were excellent and I was really impressed with the attitude of your tradesmen, they were really nice fellows and did a very neat, professional job. We are a family of 5 and therefore there is quite a demand for hot water so I am pleased to report that the new system is working perfectly and we are making great savings on our hot water costs. I would recommend Low Energy Living to anyone seeking a solar hot water system.



After doing a lot of research I decided to buy the Edwards solar hot water system based on its distinct advantages over others on the market. Primarily being its proven efficiency and reliability, stainless steel tank, long warranty and being able to choose the tank colour. I wish to express my appreciation as I found your whole team to be polite and competent. The plumbers explained everything I needed to know, as well as answering all my questions and their workmanship was first class.  It feels good being able to shower without having to use large amounts of power and knowing that the system will pay for itself over time. I would not hesitate in recommending your Company to anyone who requires a similar service.

Hornsby Heights


I would like to thank you for your wonderful service we have been impressed with the whole team at Low Energy Living and the manner in which you all conduct yourselves. A special mention to Gill who has been fantastic in helping us sort out our paperwork to claim our rebates and for making everything so straight forward and easy. The installation team’s workmanship was excellent and they were considerate of our needs, cleaning up so well you wouldn’t have known they had been there! We are now enjoying our solar hot water which is supplying us with free hot water from the sun and as a bonus has increased the value of our home.

Mount Colah

Solar Power

We wanted to say a big thanks for a  job well done , we are delighted with our new solar system and our dealings with your Company have been first class. Tim explained everything about solar power in layman’s terms which were easy to understand. The whole team was polite and helpful and easy to work with making our solar installation exceptionally easy from start to finish. Our electricity bill has showed a significant saving due to our solar credits. Soon we plan to get you to install a whole house fan so we’ll be saving even more money. Thank you Tim and Gill it has been a pleasure dealing with you, I just wish everyone we dealt with was as good as you! We will happily recommend you to our family and friends.

Tony and Kate


Hi Tim

I would like to extend to you and your Company our appreciation of the seamless rectification of our solar power system. The system which we had installed by another Solar Company was very cheap and now I know why!!! It did not perform well and only lasted 2 years and the warranty we had proved to be useless. Tim explained to us how he could rectify our system with quality parts such as our new SMA Inverter. The plumbers were fantastic and carried out their work with a friendly, obliging manner and spent time ensuring that everything was done to our complete satisfaction.  Thank you for everything I would highly recommend your Company.



We are pensioners and usually find major household projects a real challenge. However, we were delighted with Tim’s approach from day one as no question was too trivial (I know because I asked a few!). Gill was also went out of her way to be helpful, so we felt confident in making our choice. Together they make a great team and helped us through the process every step of the way. The installation was extremely straightforward and the installers took time to explain about the inverter. Our solar power has been a great investment saving us money and increasing the value of our property. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who requires nothing less than the best of service.

Joy and Eric


If you have any questions about any of our other energy efficient products and services just contact friendly and helpful team at Low Energy Living.