Solar Power System

Features and Benefits of Solar Power

Solar Power  gives you free energy from the sun

Solar Power gives you free energy from the sun

  • Australia has the highest concentration of solar radiation in the world compared to the other continents and this abundant, inexhaustible supply has the potential to silently convert into free, environmentally clean electricity
  • More energy from the sun irradiates the Earth in under 24 hrs than all current fossil fuels produce in 1 year!
  • So save money by generating your own electricity and protect yourself against soaring electricity costs
  • World class solar panels with proven long term reliability and outstanding warranties
  • Take advantage of the government rebates available and save even more money
  • Will pay for itself and increase the value of your property
  • Produces no greenhouse gases emissions – a 1 Kw system is equivalent to taking 2 small cars off the road each year!
  • We are fully experienced solar experts and have been accredited with the Clean Energy Council since 2008
  • We are also experts in rectifying any previous inferior solar installations you may have had which are now defective

How Solar Power Works

  • Solar photovoltaic panels are placed on the roofs of properties to capture the sun’s energy to generate electricity
  • Light energy is converted directly into electricity by transferring sunlight photon energy into electrical energy
  • This conversion takes place within cells of specially fabricated semiconductor crystals
  • Electricity is generated at the point of demand and so there is no need to transfer the energy long distances across expensive infrastructure
  • A grid connected inverter is connected between the panels and your switchboard and converts the electricity from your solar panels to mains power electricity
  • A new bi -directional electricity meter is installed which measures how much surplus electricity is fed into the grid after you have used the solar electricity you generate to supply your own energy requirements reducing your power bill

Product Range

Suntech Solar Power Panels

  • World’s largest producer of solar panels which employs 12,000 people
  • Manufactured since 2001 with state of the art facilities in China, Japan and the USA
  • Has won many awards including top brand PV by EU PD Research in February 2012
  • Renowned efficiency, proven long term reliability and for having a deep commitment to ongoing research and development
  • 25 year power output and 10 year product warranty with a dedicated team in Australia for after sales service and ongoing technical support

Conergy Solar Power Panels

  • Global leader and world class, award winning design
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany since 1998 to the highest quality standards for which the Germans are renowned
  • Proven efficiency and long term reliability
  • 25 year power output and a 10 year product warranty with a dedicated team in Australia for after sales service and ongoing technical support
Solar Power Being Installed

Solar Power Being Installed

SMA Inverters

  • Global leader and world class design with a guaranteed 98% efficiency
  • Designed and made in Germany since 1981 to the highest standards
  • Widely regarded as the best Inverters in the world
  • Won many awards including Energy Efficiency Award 2010 for the world’s largest, CO2-neutral inverter plant and is renowned for its ongoing research and product development
  • Comprehensive 5 year warranty which can be extended up to 25 years with a highly skilled team in Australia for after sales service and ongoing technical support


We wanted to say a big thanks for a job well done , we are delighted with our new solar system and our dealings with your Company have been first class. Tim explained everything about solar power in layman’s terms which were easy to understand. The whole team was polite and helpful and easy to work with making our solar installation exceptionally easy from start to finish. Our electricity bill has showed a significant saving due to our solar credits. Soon we plan to get you to install a whole house fan so we’ll be saving even more money. Thank you Tim and Gill it has been a pleasure dealing with you,I just wish everyone we dealt with was as good as you! We will happily recommend you to our family and friends.

Tony and Kate


We are pensioners and usually find major household projects a real challenge. However, we were delighted with Tim’s approach from day one as no question was too trivial (I know because I asked a few!). Gill was also went out of her way to be helpful, so we felt confident in making our choice. Together they make a great team and helped us through the process every step of the way. The installation was extremely straightforward and the installers took time to explain about the inverter. Our solar power has been a great investment saving us money and increasing the value of our property. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who requires nothing less than the best of service.

Joy and Eric


Hi Tim

I would like to compliment you and Low Energy Living on my recent solar installation. I was really impressed with your help and assistance when I made my initial enquiry and this level of customer service continued throughout the whole process. Nowadays it is seldom that you see this type of service of years gone by but your attitude thankfully took me back to ‘the good old days”. Your installers worked efficiently and tidily and were very approachable. Our new system has cut our power bills dramatically and we are now considering expanding the system in the future. In my opinion you are a five-star Company.



Hi Tim,

Helen and I would like to thank you and your team at Low Energy Living for the recent installation of our 2 KW PV system. We choose your Company as we were impressed by the high quality panels and inverter that you proposed and your price was competitive with no hidden extras. You and Gill and the rest of your team looked after us so well and nothing was too much trouble. Yesterday we received our power bill which was a pleasant surprise when we saw our solar credits applied and how much we had saved. It feels good to be producing our own power and giving something back to mother earth!

Ken and Helen


Hi Tim

I would like to extend to you and your Company our appreciation of the seamless rectification of our solar power system. The system which we had installed by another Solar Company was very cheap and now I know why!!! It did not perform well and only lasted 2 years and the warranty we had proved to be useless. Tim explained to us how he could rectify our system with quality parts such as our new SMA Inverter. The plumbers were fantastic and carried out their work with a friendly, obliging manner and spent time ensuring that everything was done to our complete satisfaction. Thank you for everything I would highly recommend your Company.


Hi Tim

I went into the solar experience with a lot of trepidation as I knew very little and after a lot of research I choose Low Energy Living as your communication and product knowledge was exceptional and your price, while not the cheapest, was competitive. I knew that I was getting value for money as you were supplying a top rate solar system with proven reliability and a full warranty held here in Australia. I also wish to commend your installation team as to their approach and quality of workmanship which they obviously take a pride in, which is sadly not often found nowadays. I am thrilled to say that the system is performing even better than I expected and we are now beating the electricity rises. I now plan to install one of your radiant heating options as well. Tim and Gill, you deserve every best wish for continued success and hopefully your reward will be steep growth in your Company.




What are the Feed In Tariffs?

  • In NSW under net metering arrangements, the electricity you generate from your PV Solar System is used to supply your own energy requirements and any excess solar power that is not used in your premises is exported to the grid
  • By reducing the need for grid electricity customers can save money on their electricity bills  and these savings will increase as electricity prices raise
  • You will need to check with your energy retailer about the feed in tariffs they offer

What is the Renewable Energy Certificate (Rec) Rebate Scheme and how can I claim?

  • The Renewable Energy REC Rebate Scheme helps to reduce the initial purchase price of your solar power system
  • Each solar system is eligible for a different number of renewable energy certificates (RECs) depending on the energy output it produces
  • The value of the REC changes on a daily basis depending on the market

What Warranties are provided on my Solar Power System?

All our systems have outstanding warranties offered for peace of mind:

Warranty on our Solar Panels

25 year manufacturer’s power output warranty

Warranty on SMA Inverters

5 year warranty which can be extended up to 25 years

Warranty on Mounting Kits

10 year product warranty and 5 years on the finish

Installation Warranty

7 years installation warranty

N.B: You will notice that prices of solar products may vary widely but don’t be swayed by price alone because cheaper prices often mean inferior products. Small efficiency losses each year due to a sub-standard panel, inverter or installation can add up to big monetary losses over the life of the system. Remember that this is a lifetime investment.

What Accreditation’s and Experience do the Solar Designers and Installers have?

  • For consumers to be eligible for government incentives such as RECs and feed –in tariffs their solar power system must be designed and installed by individuals who are accredited with the Clean Energy Council
  • The team at Low Energy Living comprises of fully experienced Clean Energy Council accredited designers and licenced electricians
  • All of our team have undergone the necessary professional training, follow industry best practice, adhere to Australian standards and routinely update their skills and product knowledge

Why do you offer a Range of Solar Panels and Inverters?

We offer a range of solar panels and inverters. Some of the variables to consider include power output, performance, whether under shade or heat and space efficiency. Each design has its own benefits which are considered when we custom design your solar system.

What size Solar Power System do I need?

We look at a number of factors when we design your solar energy system. These include your current energy usage, the size of your roof and the available sunlight. Most of our installations are 1.5 -3kW but larger systems can be installed.

Which direction do the Solar Photovoltaic Panels have to face?

  • We will assess your site and give recommendations for correct placement
  • The panels are best placed where they will get maximum exposure to the sun and minimum shading
  • They are usually unobtrusively mounted and north facing at 30° is optimum however orientation within 45° east or west of north results only in marginal power losses
  • Frames can be installed if required to maintain optimum tilt and orientation of the solar panels.

Will I still have electricity from my Solar Power System in winter?

Your system will produce less power because there are less hours of sunlight in winter but you will still get significant energy production. Australia’s position on the earth means it’s in an optimum position for solar gain compared to most other countries in the world.

What is a Solar Inverter?

  • Solar panels produce direct current (DC) and the electricity grid and your appliances work off alternating current (AC)
  • You need an inverter to convert the electricity from one to the other
  • We supply SMA German Inverters regarded as the best in the world as the more efficient the Inverter is the more energy will be converted into electricity and the more you’ll save

Can you rectify a previous installation performed by other solar suppliers which are now defective?

Yes, we are experts in rectifying any previous installations by other solar suppliers which are now defective. We are finding that this is becoming an increasing problem as many people were attracted to cheap solar systems which are now faulty and unfortunately do not carry sufficient warranties which are often not held in Australia.

What is the difference between Solar Hot Water and Solar Power?

Both are installed on the roof, but solar hot water use the warmth from the sun to heat the water whereas solar panels converts light from the sun into electricity.

If you still have a question about solar power or any of our other energy saving products just contact our friendly and helpful team at Low Energy Living.