Solar Hot Water Systems

Features and Benefits of Solar Hot Water

Save energy and money with a quality Edwards Solar Hot Water System

Save energy and money with a quality Edwards Solar Hot Water System

  • Electric hot water accounts for at least a quarter of a households energy use
  • Australia has been blessed with an abundant, inexhaustible amount of sunlight to silently convert into free, environmentally clean hot water
  • Solar hot water system will save you money by reducing hot water costs by 50% – 90%
  • Top of the range products made in Australia and Germany
  • Award winning, long life stainless steel roof systems with choice of up to 7 colours
  • Will pay for itself unlike other hot water systems and increase the value of your home
  • Save 3-4 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year by replacing a hot water system with our solar hot water system which is equivalent to taking a small car off the road!
  • Rebates and fantastic warranties available of up to 10 years

How a Solar Hotwater System Works

  • Uses the suns energy to heat water as it is circulated through solar collectors mounted on your roof, which is then stored in a tank which is either on the roof or the ground
  • Solar powered hot water is possible the majority of the year. During periods of low sunshine thermostatically controlled electric or gas boosters ensure you are never without hot water
  • To maximise the performance of your solar system use hot water early in the morning if possible this allows the water to be reheated during the day
  • Electric boosted systems can be connected to the cheaper off peak 2 tariff to keep energy costs low
  • Gas boosted systems are cheaper to run than electric
  • Heat Pumps use the reverse of the refrigeration process by extracting heat from the air. The heat is transferred to water stored in a tank on the ground. Heat pumps should be positioned away from shade. Heat pumps typically use one third less electricity than an electric hot water system. When connected to off peak 2 tariff running costs are lower. The pump emits a noise similar to a pool pump and so needs to be located away from bedrooms and neighbours.

Our Product Range of Solar Hot Water Systems

Edwards Solar Hot Water Systems and Heat Pumps

  • Industry leader and top of the range award winning design
  • Designed and made in Australia since 1963
  • The long life stainless steel roof system acts as a natural barrier against corrosion and does not require a sacrificial node so it’s virtually maintenance free
  • Stylish, slim line design with the choice of up to 7 colours to match your roof tiles
  • For frost prone and poor water quality areas the LX and GTS models are recommended with their special “indirect” heat exchange system using solar transfer fluid to protect from freezing
  • In cooler climates or if you have heavier hot water usage the Titan Series 2 is recommended with its advanced titanium coated cooper solar absorber plate
  • Outstanding warranties of between 5 to 10 years
  • Excellent after sales service and ongoing technical support
Enjoy a bath using water heated by the sun for free

Enjoy a bath using water heated by the sun for free

Conergy Solar Hot Water Heater

  • Global leader and world class design
  • Made in Holland, America and Australia to the highest standards
  • Option of premium quality vitreous enamel or long life stainless steel tanks
  • The stainless steel roof tank acts as a natural barrier against corrosion and does not require a sacrificial node so it’s virtually maintenance free
  • The TS Series is a freeze protected closed circuit system designed for frost prone and poor water quality areas with its heat exchange system using solar transfer fluid
  • The innovative Smart Controller ensures that you always have hot water when you need it and optimises the solar energy collected
  • Comprehensive 5 year warranty
  • Excellent after sales service and ongoing technical support


Hi Tim

I just wish to thank you for the great job you did installing our solar hot water system and I must say that it is the best thing I think I have ever purchased. My choice of system was based on tank durability and system technology and it pays to do the research into just what you get for your $ and in this case there was a clear distinction as Edwards came out well ahead. Service levels from all involved were excellent. We are a family of 5 and therefore there is quite a demand for hot water so I am pleased to report that the new system is working perfectly and we are making great savings on our hot water costs.    


Tim and Gill always had a “nothing was too much trouble” approach which made our switch over to solar hot water so easy. I was very impressed with the plumber’s professionalism and attention to detail. I am also absolutely delighted with the system, it is such high quality, performs well, looks great and it gives us plenty of hot water. I now plan to install floor heating when I update my bathroom next year. I would have no hesitation in recommending Low Energy Living to anyone thinking of switching to solar hot water.


 understands the phrase “customer service” and I would highly recommend your Company and the Edwards system. The installers did a very neat fit out and it looks great as well as the colour of the tank blends in so well with our roof tiles. I’m delighted to have say that with a Bosch instant gas system as a backup it has provided hot water every time and I have even had the booster off!!. Our last gas bill was far lower than before the solar installation and it feels great to be doing something for the environment and we are extremely happy to be bathing in the rays of the sun, so to speak. Thank you, Tim and your team for a job well done.  


Hi Tim

I would like to thank you for your wonderful service we have been impressed with the whole team at Low Energy Living and the manner in which you all conduct yourselves. A special mention to Gill who has been fantastic in helping us sort out our paperwork to claim our rebates and for making everything so straight forward and easy. The installation team’s workmanship was excellent and they were considerate of our needs, cleaning up so well you wouldn’t have known they had been there! We are now enjoying our solar hot water which is supplying us with free hot water from the sun and as a bonus has increased the value of our home.

Mount Colah


After doing a lot of research I decided to buy the Edwards solar hot water system based on its distinct advantages over others on the market. Primarily being its proven efficiency and reliability, stainless steel tank, long warranty and being able to choose the tank colour. I wish to express my appreciation as I found your whole team to be polite and competent. The plumbers explained everything I needed to know, as well as answering all my questions and their workmanship was first class.  It feels good being able to shower without having to use large amounts of power and knowing that the system will pay for itself over time

Hornby Heights

We had our heat pump installed by Low Energy Living and just want to say that everyone we felt we had that good old fashioned service which nowadays is sadly so lacking. We found Tim to be extremely professional and knowledgeable and he took the time to explain all of the options thoroughly.  Nothing was left to chance as communication was constant throughout the whole process. After the installation the plumbers clearly explained the installation and running process to us. I would not hesitate in recommending your Company to anyone who requires a similar service.

St Ives


Hi Tim and Gill, thank you very much for your assistance installing our Edwards solar hot water system which we just love. We found your Company to be very helpful, informative, and approachable. While the tank volumes are identical, the new system has far exceeded the production of hot water compared to our old electric system. Thank you also for guiding us through the rebate scheme with accurate information. It has been a pleasure dealing with you from start to finish and we intend using you again for our future sustainable energy needs and will be getting a installed before the summer. In the meantime we are enjoying our solar showers!   

Castle Hill


What do I need to consider if I want a Solar Hot Water System?

  • Ideally you have northerly facing roof space for the panels
  • The roof space for the panels is unshaded by trees etc
  • The panels need to be inclined approximately 22° -25° from horizontal
  • The tank is properly sized for your long term needs
  • Your major use of hot water is in early to mid-morning if possible

Does my roof have to face north?

  • If your roof space is not northerly but within 45° of north you will only suffer a few percentage loss of solar gain
  • You are able to have your panels facing west or east if you use our Edwards high performance Titan panels
  • If you have a flat roof then mounting frames can be provided to obtain the correct panel inclination.

Why won’t I ever run out of water and how can water be heated on a cloudy day?

  • When you install the right unit for your needs, you’ll seldom run out of hot water
  • Although the heat output of the solar collectors is reduced on overcast days it will still be able to provide heating
  • If it is a heavily clouded or there is unexpected heavy usage, then gas or electric boosting will automatically kick in so you are never without hot water

Is Solar Hot Water a viable alternative to a gas or electric hot water system?

  • Solar should not be seen as an alternative to gas or electricity, but rather a supplement
  • Solar cannot totally replace the need for gas or electric heating as there are sometimes days when there is little sunlight
  • When averaged over a year, a correctly sized solar system can provide 50%-90% of a household’s hot water needs.

Can I have a Solar Hot Water System installed in a frost prone area?

If you live in an area prone to frost, it’s possible that water can freeze and damage the panels.  In this case we can offer you anti-frost panels which are designed to stop the water freezing.

Do I have to have Solar Hot Water tank on the roof?

You can choice to have your water tank on the ground separate to your solar collectors if you wish.

How much energy can I save with a Solar Hot Water?

  • Economically, you will save money on your energy bills, beat the soaring energy prices and your system will pay for itself over time
  • With the increased awareness of the need for energy saving systems it will increase the value of your home and be a selling point when compared with other properties
  • You will help save our precious planet as swapping to a solar hot water system will reduce your greenhouse emissions by up to 3 -5 tons a year. That’s equivalent to taking a small car off the road!

What is the Renewable Energy Certificate (Rec) Rebate Scheme and how can I claim?

  • The Renewable Energy REC Rebate Scheme helps to reduce the initial purchase price of your solar hot water system
  • Each system is eligible for a different number of renewable energy certificates (RECs) depending on its efficiency
  • The value of the REC changes on a daily basis depending on the market
  • To be eligible for the rebates you need to be replacing your existing electric hot water system with an eligible low emissions hot water system

What Warranties are provided and how long can I expect my Solar Hot Water System to last?

  • Outstanding warranties of between 5 to 10 years are offered depending on the system you choose
  • Our systems are designed and made so well that they will give many years of premium service
  • At a Sustainability Show recently a man said his Edwards solar hot water system had been on his house for 30 years and it was still going strong!

What is the difference between Solar Hot Water and Solar Power?

Both are installed on the roof, but solar hot water use the warmth from the sun to heat the water whereas solar power converts light from the sun into electricity.

If you still have a question about a solar hot water system or any of our other energy efficient products and services just contact our friendly and helpful team at Low Energy Living.