Radiant Ceiling Panel Heaters

Features and Benefits of Radiant Ceiling Heaters

Ceiling Panel Heaters Installed in a BBQ area for winter dining

Ceiling Panel Heaters Installed in a BBQ area for winter dining

  • Rapid warm up and efficient use of energy
  • Perfect for large open areas such as cafes and large buildings
  • “Comfort zones” ‘are created which can be thermostatically controlled
  • Economical zoned heating used only when required
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications both commercial and domestic
  • No valuable floor space is wasted with appliances which are only used in winter
  • They look great and there is no unsightly glowing red surface when heater is operating
  • Silent operation and virtually maintenance free with no fan or moving parts
  • Safe and healthy – out of reach of children and aged, odourless and non-polluting

Why our Radiant Ceiling Heaters work so well

  • The heating panels radiate heat which is absorbed and re-radiated by every solid surface it touches
  • People under the heating feel the warmth irrespective of the air temperature
  • The “felt” temperature people experience is warmer than the surrounding air temperature
  • Just like sitting in the sun! which is the principle that radiant heating works on
  • Provide heat to areas where heated air systems simply do not work
  • They produce “spot” heat directly below them and are not necessarily designed to heat an entire space although some heat drift will occur
  • You can create a comfortable, cost effective environment for outdoor eating and entertaining even during the cold winter months.


Because of our radiant ceiling heaters outstanding performance and quality they have been used in many projects with great success, here are some examples:

The heaters are great! People always comment about them. They’re non-invasive so they fit in with the décor quite nicely. On cold days, the restaurant heats up very quickly. The costs are also very good…both the initial outlay and the ongoing running costs- they’re effective AND efficient.

Bruce and Carolyn
Seasons Restaurant


Heaters need to heat people…and these do! We’re really happy with them, and in fact we will be getting more next year! We think these heaters are cheaper to run than the old fan heaters we used to have, but we really need two winters to make a true comparison. But yes, we believe they are cheaper. On a really blustery cold day, we can actually tell that the rooms with the new radiant panels are considerably more comfortable than the classrooms that still have fan heaters. And of cause they are silent!

Principle Lansdowne
Crescent Primary School


Ceiling Panels Heaters in Cafe creating "comfort zones"

Ceiling Panels Heaters in Cafe creating “comfort zones”

We installed a number of radiant heating panels throughout the complex, which also included the reception area. The location of the heaters is excellent, in that they target direct heat to each individual display, but we also found that the general comfort levels of the building have increased overall. Our type of business necessitates that the front doors remain open, and we know we would not be able to achieve the same result with any other form of heating.

Director Time Warp House


Why are the Heaters so Efficient and Energy Saving?

  • The energy saving compared with convection heating is as much as 18-24% and they are more economical to purchase and up to 5 times as efficient to operate than high intensity gas “mushroom” style heaters
  • The heating panels emit up to 10% more usable heat than similar panels due to their unique “silicating treatment”. This treatment roughens the heating surface and increases the surface area and the ability to radiate heat
  • They are also packed with insulation making them even more energy efficient
  • A tremendous advantage of our heating panels is the instant on-off factor. You simply turn them off when they are not needed and turn them back on as required saving energy
  • For interior uses where constant heat is required over a prolonged period the panels may be set for thermostatic control or countdown timers can be used

How are these Heaters able to heat up open, usually hard to heat areas?

  • There is no comparison when it comes to the advantages of our radiant panels over other heaters on the market for outdoor comfort
  • Our range of energy efficient ceiling heating panels offers an attractive and economical solution to warm up hard-to-heat areas with a fast response time
  • You can achieve maximum productivity from your organisation and satisfaction levels for both customers and workers with the correct placement of our heating panels
  • “Comfort zones” can be created which means you can often reduce the buildings  thermostat by up to 5 degrees

Where are the Heaters made and what Warranty is provided?

Our premium quality heaters are manufactured in Czechoslovakia to the highest standards to give proven long term reliability. The heaters come with a full 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the Range of Sizes available and what Heights do the Heaters suit? 

The Panels are available in a wide range of sizes and heating outputs from 980 W to 3.6 kW to suit most domestic and commercial applications. The heaters are perfect for ceilings as low as 2.4 metres and as high as 15 metres.

Ceiling Heater neatly recessed in ceiling

Ceiling Heater neatly recessed in ceiling

What are the heaters made from?

These quality heaters have a powder coated steel plate and are packed with insulation, making them both efficient and quiet in operation.

How are the panels secured to the ceiling?

The panels are designed to be mounted directly to the ceiling with the brackets supplied or suspended using a fitting rail, jack chain or suspension wire. Please refer to the fitting instructions for further information.

Where sort of areas are the heaters used in?

The heaters are very versatile and can be used for many applications such as:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Alfresco dining at home
  • Hotel lobbies, pubs and clubs
  • Community halls and churches
  • Schools and colleges
  • Offices, shops and showrooms
  • Factories, warehouses and workshops
  • Nursing homes and hostels
  • Shopping centres and airport terminals

If you still have a question about radiant ceiling panels or any of our other energy efficient products and services just contact friendly and helpful team at Low Energy Living.