Nobo Slimline Radiant Heaters

Nobo Radiant Panel Heaters are safe with children

Nobo Radiant Panel Heaters are safe with children

Top Quality Energy Efficient Nobo Oslo Panel Heaters

Unbeatable Lifetime Warranty!!

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Free set of castors with each heater

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Approximate area heated

Thermostat Only

Thermostat & Timer

750 Watt 7.5m2 – Small Ensuite/Study





1000 Watt 10m2 – Bathroom/Bedroom 





1250 Watt 12.5m2 – Study/ Bedroom 





1500 Watt 15m2 – Bedroom





2000 Watt 20m2 – Living Area/Large Bedroom





2400 Watt 24m2 – Larger Living Area





65 Watt Stainless Steel Heated 6 Bar Towel Ladder



Optional Timer


80 Watt Stainless Steel Heated  6 Bar Towel Ladder



Optional Timer



Features and Benefits of Nobo Radiant Panel Heaters

Radiant Nobo Panel Heaters provide an even, cosy warmth

Radiant Nobo Panel Heaters provide an even, cosy warmth

  • Extremely effective and economical  “wrap  around” warmth in every corner of the room
  • Energy efficient radiant/convection combination.
  • Silent operation and attractive, sleek design with no front grill and 50mm slimline panel
  • Convenient, cost saving thermostatic control with optional timers
  • Made in Norway since 1949 being Europe’s largest manufacturer
  • Unbeatable lifetime warranty
  • Healthy option as odour free and no air movement or stuffy dry air so airborne particles are not distributed  which gives significant benefits for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Ideal for children and the aged as front panel will not burn if touched, automatic safety cut off if covered and optional tamperproof thermostat and switch covers
  • Option to wall mount and legs with casters available
  • Easy to install and designed for one room or as a heating system for the whole house
  • Can be located close to or behind furniture and it is not essential for them to be centrally located in a room to be effective
  • Power failure memory back up of 150 hours with rechargeable battery
  • Stainless steel towel ladders also available using only 80 – 65 watts an hour with 7 years warranty
  • Convection heat provides a fast start-up time and radiant heat produces an even heat

Why Nobo Radiant Heaters are so effective and energy efficient  

  • Radiant heat works by heating objects in a room which are often down low near us
  • These objects store the heat and in turn heat the air using the same principles as the sun
  • As they become hotter than the surrounding air radiant heat loss from our bodies is prevented
  • Because of the even heat distribution and no circulating air to create drafts you will be comfortable at thermostat settings of around 220 C
  • To achieve similar comfort using other heating systems such as air conditioning the thermostat would need to be 3-4 0C higher and leads to energy saving of at least 18-24%
  • The most energy efficient way to heat your home is on room by room basis which you are able to do with Nobo heaters
  • Thermostatic cycling and zoning can save up to 50% on power costs and achieve high levels of temperature control
  • 100% efficient as all the energy used is converted to heating
  • No energy is wasted or chance of breakdown by heat by fans, ducting and moving parts
  • Absence of air movement helps maintain body temperature
  • Large panel surface area means greater heat output
  • Radiant component emits comfortable “soft” and efficient long term, evenly distributed heat
  • Convection component provides an instant and quick start- up
  • Resulting in the dual process of heating the room from the floor up with radiant heat and from the ceiling down with convection heat

To save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs always aim to have good passive design and adequate insulation. You may also like to refer to our tips on energy saving.

Beat the soaring electricity prices and save power by combining radiant Nobo panel heaters with our whole house fan cooling system for an energy efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to reverse cycle air conditioning.


Radiant Nobo Panel Heaters are energy efficient and cost saving

Radiant Nobo Panel Heaters are energy efficient and cost saving

Hi Tim

When we needed some heaters I asked a friend for advice who I knew had bought some the previous year and always does a lot of research, as I was totally confused by the vast range on the market. He told me how fantastic the Nobo heaters were that he had purchased from Low Energy Living, so I followed his advice and I am absolutely thrilled with them.  They produce such a cosy, even heat and are safe when our grandchildren visit as the front panel although warm does not burn.



Thank you Gill and Tim for all your help and advice on the purchase of our Nobo heaters we just love them. We set the timer to come on half an hour before we get up in the morning and it is just bliss to come into a warm cosy kitchen and at night when we go to bed it’s all snug in there too.

Anna and Chris


Hi Tim

After some great advice I purchased some Nobo heaters from Low Energy Living last winter they have been fantastic, heating each room very evenly and I have noticed a significant saving on my electricity bill. Having the thermostat and timer on the heaters means I don’t have to worry about switching the heaters off and the 10 year warranty is an extra bonus. This year I plan to buy some more thank you for the great service.



Hi Gill and Tim

Just a note to say that I have found the Nobo heaters I purchased from you to be very economical I think having Tim to give me such expert advice and make sure I had the right size heater for the rooms I wanted to heat made all the difference.  I have compared my power bill this winter to last winters and we are definitely saving power using our new Nobo heaters compared to the fan heaters we were previously using.



Nobo Panel Heaters are perfect for heating bathrooms

Nobo Panel Heaters are perfect for heating bathrooms

The staff at Low Energy Living were so helpful when it came to giving me advice on my heating needs and being able to trial a heater before I went ahead and purchase one was great as it confirmed to me that I would be buying a premium product, which was easy to use and did the job. Also the whole room is warm so I don’t need to be right in front of the heater to feel warm unlike heaters I have had in the past and my power bill is far more manageable.



Hi Tim and Gill

I was looking for heaters with economy and value for money in mind. I did a lot of research and although the Nobo heaters were slightly more they have proved their worth. Also having the 10 year warranty was great as it gave me peace of mind that the heaters were going to last the distance. I have not needed to use my energy guzzling wall air conditioner either so my power consumption is far less.



Hi Tim

Having just built a new home which was very contemporary I needed heaters which were sleek and modern looking. I am so pleased that I came across Low Energy Living on the web as the Nobo heaters I purchased are perfect as they are very unobtrusive as being slimline and a neutral colour they just blend in. They are so much healthier and look so much better than my old gas heater.



Thank you Tim for all your help and advice combining the Nobo heaters with the whole house cooling fan has given me energy efficient winter heating and summer cooling I just love it! More people need to know about these products! I choose these products for my home as my daughter is an asthmatic and since having them installed her asthma has improved greatly.



Hi Gill

The heaters arrived on time just when you said they would and they are perfect Having the option of casters is great as I am currently renting and there is the added bonus that I can wheel them from room to room. I have had cheaper heaters in the past which are expensive to run and conk out after a few years and too expensive to fix having a Nobo heater has proved once again that you get what you pay for!

Point Clare


Nobo Radiant Panel Heaters  are safe with children

Nobo Radiant Panel Heaters are safe with children

We are renting a place that is nice in summer but dreadfully cold in winter the Nobo heaters we purchased from you are great as they heat really well in every corner of the room so we are no longer walking around like penguins!  I also love the fact that they are so quiet you actually don’t hear them on at all and having the timer means I don’t forget to switch them off which saves me even more money.  Thanks for all your help and advice.

Quakers Hill


Hi Tim

After following the recommendations on the heater size from the brochure we put a 2000W compact Nobo heater in our family room and it’s now the cosiest place in the house! We don’t seem to have it on long before the thermostat turns off and it doesn’t seem to turn on that often saving us even more money. So far it has surpassed all expectations and we haven’t had to use our air conditioning at all.  I would recommend Low Energy Living and their Nobo heaters to anyone.

Christine and Geoff


Can you tell me about the Norwegian Company Nobo?

  • Nobo has been manufacturing their extensive range of quality heaters in Norway since 1949
  • One of Europe’s largest manufacturers of panel heaters and a market leader worldwide
  • Well known for its innovative products, high quality and modern design
  • What else would you expect from a Company who were the first to put a thermostat on a heater!

Don’t be fooled not all panel heaters are the same there is only one Nobo Slimline Radiant Panel Heater.

What Warranty is provided?

Unbeatable 10 year warranty

Why are Nobo Heaters so Energy Efficient?

  • Accurate temperature levels are achieved as each heater has a fully integrated thermostat
  • Ensuring cost saving, efficiency and convenience for automatic on/off operation and cycling of up to 50%
  • Option of a timer so the heater automatically switches on to heat the room then cycles on and off to the required temperature
  • Heating is only on when it is required and you won’t forget to switch it off
  • Can be programmed to turns off until the next heating period to reduce electricity costs and save money
Nobo Radiant Panel Heaters are sleek and stylish

Nobo Radiant Panel Heaters are sleek and stylish

Why is a Nobo Radiant Heater so superior to a convection heater?

  • It is not essential to install a Nobo heater centrally in a room to be effective as the radiant heat is evenly distributed
  • Temperature distribution in the room vastly more vertically balanced, only a 2 to 2.5 degrees difference between the floor and ceiling compared with 1 degree per 30-50cm of height with convection heating
  • Convection heaters have an obvious front grill and are less slimline
  • They also must be clear of furniture and the power point must be adjacent to heater
  • The front grill is hotter and the running costs are higher.

What areas are suitable to heat and where can the heater be placed?

  • Ideal for living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms which are used at certain times of the day
  • Suitable for many premises such as nursing homes, childcare centres and community centres

Using Nobo heaters can I set up a heating system for my whole home?  

  • A heating system can be set up for one room or an integrated heating system for your whole house which is flexible and fully zoned
  • Nobo heaters have the flexibility of complimenting other heating systems if necessary, such as our highly effective, energy efficient floor heating or  ceiling heating

Is there an option to have casters on the heaters?

Yes, casters are available so you have the option of moving the heater from room to room and they are portable if you are renting

How do I calculate the heater size required and running costs?

  • Measure the width and length of the room to calculate the area of the room in square determine the wattage needed to heat the room. Wattage required is typically 100 watts per square metre of floor area of the room. So for example a 10 square metre room will require a 1000 Watt heater
  • To calculate the amount of electricity used for a particular heater times the electricity rate depending on the tariff for the time of day you intend to use it by how many kilowatts per hour the heater uses.
  • It is important that you have the right size heater for the area to be heated and the area is well insulated then the heater should cycle on and off to the desired temperature reducing the running cost by up to 50%

Please refer to the sizing chart and panel heater selection information in the Nobo brochure for further details.

Can you tell me about your Nobo Heated Towel Ladders?

Nobo Stainless Steel Towel Ladder

Nobo Stainless Steel Towel Ladder

  • Energy efficient stainless steel towel ladders are ideal for warming and drying your towels
  • Taking the chill off your bathroom, reducing dampness and mould build up
  • They come in 2 sizes and only use 65 – 80 watts of electricity an hour
  • Fantastic 7 year warranty

For prices please refer to our Nobo Heater Discount Price List which is 25% off RRP

Special Offer!!! Free legs with castors on every heater purchased for a limited time.

If you still have a question about Nobo heaters or any of our other energy saving products and services just contact our friendly and helpful team at Low Energy Living.