Floor Heating

 Features and Benefits of Underfloor Heating

It feels so good when the floors are warm

It feels so good when the floors are warm

  • Extremely effective and economical  “wrap  around” warmth in every corner of the room
  • Reliable, invisible, silent, and space saving
  • Convenient, fully programmable, energy efficient thermostatic control
  • Healthy option as it is  odour free and there is no air movement or stuffy dry air
  • So airborne particles are not distributed  which gives significant benefits for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Wonderfully warm  to walk on in winter and deliciously cool underfoot in summer
  • Affordable installation and  once in a lifetime investment
  • Available fully installed or self-installation with DIY Kit
  • Virtually maintenance free, as there are no moving parts to wear out
  • Full 10 year warranty on the heating cables and 2 years warranty on thermostats

Why Radiant Floor Heating is so Effective and Energy efficient 

  • The principle of radiant floor heating goes back to Roman times
  • Radiant heat works by heating objects in a room which are often down low near us
  • These objects store the heat and in turn heat the air using the same principles as the sun
  • As they become hotter than the surrounding air radiant heat loss from our bodies is prevented
  • Because of the evenly distributed heat and no circulating air to create drafts you will be comfortable at lower thermostat settings of around 22°C
  • To achieve similar comfort using other heating systems such as air conditioning the thermostat would need to be 3-4°C higher, this leads to energy saving of at least 18-24%
  • The most energy efficient way to heat your home is on a room by room basis which you are able to do with floor heating
  • Thermostatic cycling and zoning achieve high levels of temperature control and reduce electricity costs by up save up to 50%
  • 100% efficient as all the energy used is converted to heating
  • No energy is wasted or chance of breakdown by heat by fans, ducting and moving parts
  • Absence of air movement helps maintain body temperature
  • Quick response time means less power is used
  • Warmth is generated at your feet, the parts of your body that feels the cost most
  • Your floor literally becomes your heating system!

To save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs always aim to have good passive design and adequate insulation. You may also like to refer to our tips on energy saving.

Beat the soaring electricity prices and save power by combining radiant floor heating with our whole house fan cooling system for an energy efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to reverse cycle air conditioning.

Types of Underfloor Heating 

In Screed Floor Heating

In Screed Floor Heating being installed

In Screed Floor Heating being installed

  • Ideal where changing the floor level is not a problem
  • Suitable for renovations and new builds especially bathrooms
  • Fast warm up time
  • Can be connected to continuous or cheaper off peak power
  • Off peak electricity is recommended where a large area is heated
  • Floor heating cables are tied to wire mesh and then the tiler applies 25 to 30mm of screed
  • Once the screed is dry the tiles are laid on top

In Slab Floor Heating

  • Suitable if building a new home or extension with concrete slab floors or with polished concrete
  • The concrete floor stores the  heat very effectively and literally becomes the heating system
  • This “storage” heating can be zoned onto separate thermostats to save power which saves money
  • Can be connected to continuous or cheaper off peak power
  • Off peak electricity is recommended when the whole home is heated providing a slow release of heat during the day
  • A standard floor slab thickness of 100mm is usually sufficient
  • The heating cables are fixed to the reinforcing mesh prior to the concrete pour and the integrity of the cables is monitored during the pour
  •  It is important that no one damages the cables before the concrete is poured so close liaison with the timing of the pour is very important.

Under Tile Floor Heating

  • Most popular choice for renovations where the slab/sub-floor is already down as a thinner cable is used
  • Ideal for an existing floor because it does not change the floor level
  • Fast warm up time
  • Does not require a screed bed
  • The heating cable is glued to the existing floor and then the cables are covered by the tile adhesive or protected with a self-leveling compound

N.B: Unlike heating floor heating mats our cables can be installed in irregularly shaped areas or between fittings in a bathroom to ensure the whole floor is heated with no cold spots.

Please note if a timber floor or the slab is elevated insulation is required to prevent heat loss from the under surface. Also if you plan to use timber floor boards or carpet we advise you to check with the manufacturer regarding their requirements if floor heating is to be used with their product.


Hi Tim

Since having our floor heating system connected we have not yet needed to have our air conditioning on as it is keeping us lovely and warm and there is no stuffy dry air now. Also I love the fact that there is no noise and with the thermostats fully programmed all we have to do is we wake up and step onto our warm floors each morning and enjoy our cosy home.

Anna and David

Warm floors feel so cosy

Warm floors feel so cosy


Hi Tim

Unlike other floor heating systems our friends have had installed which used heated floor mats, we are really impressed with the fact that your heating cables cover the whole room and not just an area in the middle. Also I have found that being thermostatically controlled the running costs have been kept down and our power bill is quite manageable. Thanks once again for all your help Tim.



Hi Tim and Gill

I cannot speak highly enough of you both. I know our job was large and difficult but we really appreciated the way you patiently dealt with us and our builder and other trades, nothing seemed to be a problem to you! When the other Company let us down you turned up at short notice having you turned out to be a blessing in disguise! It’s a shame there aren’t more Businesses like Low Energy Living.

Bondi Junction


Hi Tim

Just a quick email to let you know how happy we are with our under tile floor heating it is running superbly. We just love waking up to our warm bathroom floor which heats the room right up to the edges and the thermostat is so easy to use just set and forget. Also being able to install the cables myself was an added cost saving and was very easy with your comprehensive instructions. Thanks again.



Just a note to say that the under floor heating installation has been the easiest and most stress-free part of our new home construction!  Tim fitted in with the other trades and arrived just when he said he would and when he left everything was cleared up so well you wouldn’t have known he’d been. Thanks once again, I would highly recommend Low Energy Living anytime and have also had a whole house cooling fan installed which is a fantastic energy saving product.



Floor heating provides energy efficient, evenly distributed warmth

Floor heating provides energy efficient, evenly distributed warmth

Hi Tim and Gill

Having experienced our first winter with in slab concrete floor heating we wanted to say how pleased we are with the results. Our power bills are well within our budget and the cold mornings are far more bearable. Also the floor heating is so much healthier than our old gas heater. Thanks once again for an excellent product and service.

Avoca Beach


Hi Tim and Gill

After having underfloor heating installed by Low Energy Living we are now floor heating converts! I just love the way the floor heat automatically comes on to warm us so evenly in each room and our grandchildren love our warm floors! That’s when the full benefit is felt as it warms your feet your whole body feels warm too. Our dogs are also very appreciative and hardly want to step outside! Thanks for all your help.

Eve and Stewart


Hi Tim

You were also very patient in answering any of our technical questions and we would be happy to recommend under floor heating to others especially if they engage your Company to supply and install it. Also we were really impressed with the way the installation was carried out so efficiently and our house was not in disarray for too long.

Mark and Sarah


We are absolutely thrilled with the floor heating you have installed!  Tim was prompt and professional and gave us such good advice on the heating solution that would suit our needs. Our electrician also found him so helpful when he needed to check the electrical requirements when connecting the heating up to the power supply, nothing was too much trouble thanks Tim.

Steve and Linda

NB: We have installed our premium floor heating in many prestigious building projects such as in the First Class Qantas Longue at Sydney Airport.

With floor heating the floor feels warm wherever you are

With floor heating the floor feels warm wherever you are


Why do Builders and Architects recommend Underfloor Heating?

  • Often the best heating solution as being completely invisible it does not interfere with the beauty of a well-designed home
  • Living space can be fully utilised as furniture can be positioned anywhere in the room as the warmth is uniform throughout

How can I save money by using Thermostats and what type should I choose?

  • Accurate temperature levels are achieved using one of our premium quality Honeywell thermostats
  • Fully programmable or manually controlled
  • Each “zone” has its own thermostat and  just “set and forget”
  • Heating is only on when it is required and you won’t forget to switch it off
  • Automatically switches on to heat the room then cycles on and off to the required temperature
  • Programmed to turns off until the next heating period to reduce electricity usage and save money
  • Can also be connected to the C Bus or some other form of smart wiring

Why is Radiant In Floor Heat so Healthy and Safe to use?

  • Does not create air movement, therefore dust and airborne particles are not distributed
  • Recommended by the Asthma Foundation as significant benefits for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Warmer walls and ceilings prevent condensation and mould build up in areas such as bathrooms and laundries
  • There is no dryness or stuffiness and less cleaning as hot air is not being pushed around
  • Extremely safe as no trailing wires, flames, fumes or smoke and no hot surfaces to touch or objects to fall against
  • Our floor heating cables comply with Australian Standards and are double insulated
  • Are connected to an earthed power supply, through an earth leakage circuit breaker (RCD) that will switch off the circuit instantly if there is damage to the cables

Where are the heating cables made?

  • Produced in Finland for many decades and are tried and trusted
  • With their extremely cold winters the Northern Europeans are the experts in heating and floor heating is widely regarded as the best choice

What Warranties are provided?

  • 10 year warranty on our top quality floor heating cables
  • 2 years warranty on our Honeywell Thermostats

N.B: If you are installing the cables yourself it is important that the heating cables are installed according to the manufactures instructions and warranty is only covered on faulty cables not on the installation.

What areas are suitable to heat?

  • Can be installed under most types of floor covering
  • “On demand” heating so it is ideal for bathrooms and living areas which are used at certain times
  • Suits open plan homes and areas with high ceilings as heat is held in solid objects. Creating a warmer “comfort zone” within a larger area with less heat loss to surrounding areas
  • Floor to ceiling temperatures are far more even than with hot air heating where heat rises and drifts away leaving you in the coldest part of the room
  • Can be used in domestic, commercial or industrial premises

If you are unable to install floor heating then you may want to consider our energy efficient Nobo radiant panel heaters or ceiling heating an energy saving heating alternative.

How long does the Floor Heating take to heat up?

Response time is from 15-30 minutes the heat will be distributed evenly throughout the room within 1 hour of switching on.

Is Underfloor Heating suitable for wet areas?

Is waterproof and earthed so it is ideal for bathrooms and laundries

How do you prepare a Quotation and what Information do you provide for the Site Electrician?

  • The dimensions of the area to be heated are entered into a computer program
  • Which calculates the cable size and wattage required to ensure the whole room is heated to a comfortable 22ºC
  • The quotation includes detailed information on the wattage required so that the site electrician can provide a power feed from the switchboard to the thermostat positions and provide contactors if required
  • We liaise closely with your electrician to ensure that the installation proceeds smoothly giving technical advice as necessary

N.B: Our cables may have a slightly higher wattage per square metre than some other systems. The higher wattage does not mean you use more power it simply enables the heating to respond to the thermostat more quickly. A lower wattage system will run longer to achieve the set temperature.

Who installs the Thermostats?

  • The best option is for your site electrician to connect up the electrical wiring for the floor heating and install the thermostats that we supply as he is fully aware of the electrical plan
  •  If you prefer we can arrange for our own electrician to install them on a competitive hourly rate.

How long before the heating be turned on after the cables are laid?

It is important to wait 6 weeks from when the cables are laid before you switch the heating on so that the floor surface is fully cured.

Is there any maintenance involved?

There are virtually no recurring maintenance costs as there are no moving parts to wear out.

Can the Heating Element be repaired if damaged?

  • Most floor heating installations are successful with no problems at all
  • Very occasionally the cables are damaged by rogue tradesmen
  • We have specialised fault finding equipment which is able to locate the damage in most cases
  • Lifting usually just one tile the repair can be easily carried out.

If you still have a question about radiant floor heating or any of our other energy saving products and services just contact our friendly and helpful team at Low Energy Living.